Black Friday Walmart Deals: In an Out in Under an Hour

walmart black friday

just a tiny bit crowded

Wal-Mart has some awesome deals on video games and electronics today. There were a few gems dotted in other departments, but tech is where the prices were the hardest to beat.

I have to admit, I was trying to avoid getting out in the crowd this year. I had purposely avoided looked at the circulars in an effort to keep the deals out of sight and out of mind. But then my husband get’s a text from his nephew with the words “New release XBOX 360 Kinect games for $28 at Walmart.” So my husband starts probing me, at 9:30pm to see if I can find what’s on sale. I do a little googling, get annoyed, and finally just hand my husband the paper.

So here’s what we found that we then had to immediately jump in the car and blaze a trail to walmart to get these little gems.

$15 Video Games

$28 Video Games

Other Deals We Snagged:

Since I’ve done a little bit of traveling recently, and had miserable experiences at the airport because of my pitiful luggage situation, I also sprang the $29 for a new set 6 piece set of Jeep Luggage. We also picked up a couple of Rubbermaid Easy Find Lid Food Storage Container Sets for $6.98 a piece.

The Deals That Got Away:

Of course the Mainstays $1.28 bath towels were long gone as were the $19.99 600 thread count Canopy Sateen sheets.

This was my husband’s first Black Friday experience. He was shocked, to say the least. However, I can happily report that we entered Wal-Mart at 10:30pm and left at 11:20pm with most of what we wanted and a pleasurable experience overall.

What’s funny about the whole Black Friday shopping experience this year is that we actually finished our Black Friday shopping on Thursday. The lot was full, but there were plenty of people leaving and creating spaces. It was busy, and there were lines, but I was really impressed with how well Wal-Mart had managed things. I know experiences vary, but I would call our Black Friday shopping experience for 2011 a positive one.

I know we didn’t go after any of the big-ticket, camping out, instead of eating dinner with your family, items, but we did score some deals.

Occupy Best Buy Black Friday camping

On the complete opposite end of the Occupy Wall street Spectrum we have Occupy Best Buy.

I do feel sorry for the folks who choose to Occupy Best Buy instead of spending time with their families, and I sincerely hope they got their $199 42 inch 1080 Sharp LCD TVs!


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