Moving: Penske Eased Some of Our Stress

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We moved.

The moving process was filled with many challenges and plenty of opportunities for upset and inconvenience. Murphy and his law were not missing from this weekends festivities, that is for sure.

I am thankful that we were able to secure a moving truck at a good price, at least.

Forget U-haul when you’re moving. They started at $39.99 plus $0.99 per mile. For our 100 mile trip, that would have added up quickly if we had to make multiple trips. Budget wasn’t any better. They were the same price. The funny thing about them was they actually admitted that they jack the prices up at the end of the month. I mean, I understand supply and demand. I played RollerCoaster Tycoon. I know you can charge $5 for umbrellas when it rains, and people will still buy them, but that don’t mean it’s right.

But thankfully we discovered Penske Truck Rental. A simple Google search of Penske truck rental discount code will win you a 20% coupon for for a one-way rental. That brought the price of our rental down to around $185. When they called to confirm my truck rental, I joke with them about throwing in free stuff, and they actually did! Free hand-trucks rental and furniture protector pads! The day before our move, I received a call from them with a simple request: be willing to take a 22 foot truck over a 26 foot truck, since they already had one on site. Oh, but they weren’t asking empty-handed. A $50 discount if I didn’t mind sacrificing the 4 feet. Since there was no difference in the price originally, and I was pretty sure I could manage without that extra 4 feet, we took the deal. So for $135 we got the truck for 3 days, one-way, with unlimited mileage. Everyone else was 1 day, round-trip, and $0.99 a mile.

Now packing our crap into boxes, getting it on the truck, and having it arrive safely at our new house… yea… that wasn’t easy.

Actually, that was the farthest thing from easy. Consequently, I’m pretty well convinced that we’re either dying in this house, or if we do decide to sell and move again, the people buying it are going to buy it with all our crap left inside of it. Clothes and everything.  I just don’t think I can do that again. I’ve moved once before, and that was one room to a house. Moving several rooms is an entirely different story with considerably more challenges associated with it. I do not see how people do this sort of thing every few years.

And if moving wasn’t enough of a challenge, we were talented enough to get our moving truck stuck in the driveway. Yep. We wedged that sucker between the driveway and the road and had to call Penske to have to send a wrecker out. Surprisingly, I didn’t have to pay for that. I was pretty sure that fellow was going to ask for a pretty hefty fee, but I guess Penske took care of it. Sometimes the stars align, at 2am, after you’ve been moving all day, and are dog tired, and you don’t have to pay to get un-stuck.

Thankfully Penske has a delightful social media team and roadside assistance line when trouble strikes. The powers of social media proved, once again, to be effective and powerful.

penske moving truck got stuck

But then you get told by “the expert” that there is no way your moving truck will make it in the driveway. You see the gigantic gouges in the road where other vehicles have faces similar fates, and the community security guard, who was helping with traffic, and making sure you didn’t get squashed by a car, informs you that it’s where the ambulances dragged the ground on their frequent visits to your new houses former residents. And now you’re left to wonder if the elderly folks who lived here before you died in the house because the ambulance couldn’t get in the driveway… That’s where my mind goes with these things. Sure hope I don’t have to deal with any senior citizen foreclosure ghosts.

That road is where they had to park the truck.

After getting unstuck, the boys were able to get our stuff unloaded. Our friend Charlie carried a couch on his back from across the street, up the hill, and then up a flight of steps into our house. I’m not entirely sure how he did that, but he did, and had no hernia or spinal injuries to note. I suggested that he not do that again, but he did perform similar feats with a desk and various other pieces of furniture. I’m a fond believer in one trip myself, but not at the risk of personal injury.

There were several more challenges that we encountered on this moving jou. We also still have a fairly large amount of crap left in our other house. We have to figure out some way to get that down here, clean the place up, and get it ready to lease or sell. That’s something I’m not looking forward to in the least little bit.

I hope that we get settled in here before too long and I can resume my typical nerdy nurse blogging. I’m sure you’re absolutely thrilled to hear about my personal trials and tribulations associating with relocating for my clinical informatics nursing job, but there are far more interesting topics that could be covered. But you’ll have to just suck it up and take in my ramblings on the subject of moving for a short while, because that’s all I’ve got on my brain.

If you love me, you’ll put up with it. And if you don’t… well, I don’t even want to think about the possibility of not having all the internets’ undying affection and support for my often poorly grammatically structured rants. I just don’t think I could face that potential reality.

Not today.

I’m too tired from moving.


P.S. I was pretty much convinced that this entire blog post went to it’s internet grave when my toddler son, strolled right up to me and stuck a key in my laptops USB port, while it was sitting right on my lap. It instantly lost power. I should probably not even begin to mention the thoughts that went through my head, but it did prove to me that if there is a hole, a toddler will find something to stick in it.

He and the laptop are fine. However, I think it shortened my potential lifespan by about 10 years.


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