Blogging Conferences and Questions

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I’ve missed another season of blogging conferences, it seems.

Looks like there are a few Georgia opportunities I could potentially attend.

This weekend is Bloggy-Bootcamp in Atlanta. Although I really need to use that time to finish moving more of our stuff from the old house to the new one, I certainly would love to go. I just cannot justify the expense, and I’ve not been very proactive in attempting to get sponsorship. And it’s sold out. Bah… a wait list.

Looks like there is some nerdy blogging internet fun to be had in Savannah in November for Geek-End. Looks like folks from The Onion, How Stuff Works, and other geeky ramblers to speak. I’m in need of  some nerdy overload. Although, with my recent transition into nursing informatics, one might imagine I’d be getting my fill of geeky things. But I must say, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It continues to drive in me a desire to learn more about technology, the way things work and why.

Blogworld & New Media Expo will be in LA November. Pretty sure I can’t swing the time off from work that this one would require, but it’s exciting to think about their Social Health Track.

With sponsors:

Scheduled panels include:

  • Shoot From The HIPAA
    Speakers: Terri Polick, Jamie Davis, Kim McAllister
  • Whiteboard Session
    Moderator: Marc Manseau
  • Can Social Media Improve How Healthcare is Managed?
    Speaker: Scott Monty
  • Credibility in the Healthcare Space
    Speaker: Shwen Gwee
  • Establishing Guidelines for Companies to Operate Successfully Online
  • Physicians Engaging Online in Social Health
    Speakers: Zoe Dunn, Dr. Bryan Vertabidian, Dr. Jen Dyer
  • What Companies Can Do to Support Patients’ Needs
  • The Use of Digital Applications and Tools to Change Behaviors to Improve Health
    Speakers: John De Souza, BJ Fogg

Next year perhaps I can convince some awesome brand that they need The Nerdy Nurse to represent them at one of these fabulous conferences. Social media connections are fantastic, but it would be nice to sit down and have a meal with some other nurse bloggers. Are there enough of us to have our own conference?

edited to add:

HOLY FREAKERY-DOUBLE-GEEKERY! I’m going to Blog World Expo LA 2011! Would you believe that nerdy little girls dreams do come true and once again the powers of the internet, social media, a fantastic nurse blogger, and others (who I will thank loudly proudly, and graciously in the very near future!) have aligned the stars of the blogosphere for this nerdy nurse to attend the social media event of the year! I am full of butterflies and am honored to be in the company of blogger greats like Emergiblog and Nurse Ratched’s Place!

Will you be joining me?

Conference Attendee?

So did you attend any conferences this year? What were your experiences like? Will you go again? Who sponsored you? Did you request the sponsorship or did they offer? Inquiring bloggers want to know, myself included!

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