From the Trailer Park to the ER

From the Trailer Park to the ER

I am always impressed with the internet. The vastness of it. The connectivity it provides. The window into worlds that might otherwise remain windowless.

A window that I leaped through for a short month in my life was that of the ER nurse. And honestly, I wasn’t even a nurse at that point. It was a tech. I was fresh, and eager, and not a good fit for the ER. It was one of the scariest and hardest months of my entire life. It takes a certain sense of humor, strong stomach, and a certain gusto that I just did not have.

However, those that do work in the ER know the sense of humor you must have is requirement numero uno. And while I didn’t have many of the other traits needed for he ER, on occasion I do have the sense of humor.

So when fumbling through twitter today, looking for interesting people to follow, I happened upon Matthew Carpenter’s Twitter @MatCar35. In 160 characters he convinced me to now only follow his twitter, but to check out the book’s facebook page, and even share with you his book: From the Trailer Park to the E.R.

@MatCar35’s twitter bio:

I am 40 and an OLD SCHOOL Emergency RN. I am the author of THE Book. You know, the book that all E.R. RN’s threaten to write. From the Trailer Park to the ER.

I seriously thought he was joking. But nope, the book is for real. It’s for sale on Amazon and you can even get it on your kindle! And while admittedly I haven’t read it, my instincts tell me it would be a nice read. Sort of a counter-culture Chicken Soup for the Nurse’s Soul, perhaps?

Really, it could be filled with 100 pages of stick figures and I would still have to give Matt a good firm handshake. The title alone merits that. 

ER nurses: I want your perspective. Do you have enough sorties to write a book?


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