The AC is Out and I Can’t Google My Way Out of It

I have had such phenomenal luck with Google in the past, that I am convinced I can find the answer to my broken AC.

Today I will be whining with my cheese...

Let my first state that I live in Georgia. Not only is it sweltering here, but the air is thick and at times feels as if you could slice it and serve it at a party with fruit and crackers. I wouldn’t quite call it cheese consistency, because that would make it solid, but some odd science-fiction melding of gas, liquid, and solid, that is breathable, sticky, and inhumane -yep, that’s what this heat is like.

According to the thermostat it is 90 degrees inside the house. 90 degrees at 9am inside my tin roof house. I cannot begin in imagine how hot it’s going to get in this can tomorrow. Couple that with the absence of 2 very large shade trees, thanks to the winter storms, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to describe accurately what a turkey feels like as he’s browning in the over, except at a much lower, more humid heat. I suppose it’s a good thing, a low heat will keep my juices in and nice and tender. If a cannibal were to invade my home in the next few days, he might find me and mine cooked his liking.

Of course I am exaggerating… but only mildly.

It’s hot in here.

FYI: Vampires burn in sunlight, not sparkle!

FYI: Vampires burn in sunlight, not sparkle!

I sent my husband to the store by buy a box fan because if I don’t have at least some form of cooling in here in the near future, I’m pretty sure I will burst into flames. And if not full on flames, there will be some skin sizzling. Sort of link how Bill started to sizzle in the sun after drinking large amounts of Sookie Fairy blood. (By the way those Fairies are some radically ugly and scary creatures) The mythology of True Blood just gets deeper and deeper. I mention this because I was finally able to catch up on this season. I cannot believe I wasn’t more diligent about watching. I sure hope this thing doesn’t Jump the Shark like Lost did.

This is the fan he’s buying.

nerdy nurse green fan

At least they had it in nerdy nurse green

I’m incredibly grumpy and upset that the earliest I can get this problem remedied is Monday. It’s 5am and I’ve slept only minimal amounts.

Perhaps I’ll get real creative and turn that box fan into a homemade air conditioner.

My son is up because he’s too hot to sleep.

You’d think after I went the first 16 years of my life completely without AC in my home, that I would be able to function without difficulty now. Apparently not. Apparently you get one taste of that sweet central heat and air conditioning and you are a tainted soul never to be able to tolerate a hot muggy house again.

Someone do some telepathic AC repair. I’ll gladly pay you double your normal telepathic HVAC repair fees.

It’s a carrier and only 3 years old. The inside blower is working. The outside unit makes a buzz or hum noise, the fan inside does not turn on. It has done this in the past and power cycling has corrected it. I’m tempted to go out there and mess with the capacitor or the relays (as google suggests) in the daylight by the warnings of potential electrocution have me a bit worried to attempt it. It did this 2 weeks ago and firm talking to the unit and power cycling and leaving off or a while corrected it. Alas, now amount of come-to-Jesus talks or power-cylcling have convince it to straight up and fly right.

It’s hot in here and it’s no fun.

Update on the AC:

Since I notced a google hit on this entry related to the carrier AC unit humming/buzzing and never actually turning on, I wanted to followup with what the problem was. This will make the 2nd time this has happened with this AC unit. The contactor relay switch was gummed up with ants. Apparently they are wildly attract to this because of the electronic vibes (or something wild like that) that this little unit emits. So what happens is they gum up the works, and when you turn the unit on, sometimes it can squish them out of the way to make enough contact between the metal to switch on the compressor and product cold air. So the next time your unit starts intermittently working, and then stops, I strongly suggest you check the relay contractor to see if it’s filled with ants.

We did attempt to be proactive and preventing another ant infestation, buy putting on granules, spraying, and making sure they weren’t building any hills around it, but our efforts were apparently in vain. This time he caulked and sealed the contactor relay, and assured us that the same issue shouldn’t happen again. It was only $100 to get them out to do the repair, but seriously Ants breaking my AC every year? That’s just not cool.


  1. says

    i did not see that fan yesterday when I need one. I got a boring white one which sounds like a chopper is about to land in a rice paddy like the ones i saw in some old vietnam war movies.

    • says

      for some reason that brings to mind the scene in 28 weeks later when the chopper is chasing after the zombies in the field.

      My hubs said they were on a bulk out display. Apparently they had blue and red as well.

  2. ellen says

    I have never seen a green box fan.. it is hot and muggy here too- finally cooling down at night some! We dont have central air but have window units- and guess what? We are gonna be roofing in metal, now I am rethinking that :)

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