Big Changes For the Nerdy Nurse: New Job, New Beetle, & Buying a Home

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In a recent entry I discussed landing a Professional Nerdy Nurse job, (Clinical Informatics Specialist). I could not be more excited about this. Not only is it an opportunity to do what I have been longing to, but for the first time in my life I feel like I’m going to be working somewhere that will value me for all I have to offer. I feel that like I will opportunities for growth and the ability to make real changes in the organization and healthcare. I also thrilled with how friendly and approachable my new boss is.

I discussed with him that rather than making the 53 mile commute 5 days a week (as I had originally intended) that I had decided to go ahead and make the move to the area. He was so excited for me, and coincidently he was also looking at real estate. He’s sent me so much information, we chatted about neighborhoods, schools, the local economy and just in general about the town. He was so considerate and helpful. He makes me feel that he really cares about me and is excited to have me join their team as I am. What a wonderful feeling to be wanted.

I did make a financial/home buying blunder, though. I went out and bought a “new” car. I know you’re not supposed to, but at the time I hadn’t intended to buy a house any time soon and I wanted something that would get better gas mileage than my other care. Because even if you buy a car that is estimated to get between 26-34 MPG, that doesn’t mean you’re going to get it. In my 2006 Chevrolet aveo, I received worse gas mile than my Santa Fe. I averaged 18 MPG. The most I ever squeaked out of that little box was 28 MPG and those were complete HWY miles. It was absurd and despite my best efforts of pleading and begging with Chevrolet and the GM corporation, I was met with “those are only estimates…” or “it’s the way you drive.” Carpe Diem.

2008 Moonglow Yellow Volkswagen New Beetle Bug

Dream Car

Since I was 13 years old I have dreamed of owning a Volkswagen Beetle. The curve-appeal of these unique vehicles, coupled with their cute interiors, and modern look have always caught my eye. I remember my mother wanted to buy me one so badly, but couldn’t afford it since they have always been very expensive and maintain very high resale values. She always wanted me to have one. And when I found a deal on a 2008 Moonglow Yellow VW New Beetle, with sunroof, leather, and under 20,000 miles, my interests were sparked. When I received the phone call confirming my new job offer, because I even wrote a resignation letter, I went the car dealership, talked them down $2000 off the car, traded in the blue box and fulfilled a 12-year dream of Volkswagen ownership. It was stupid really. And I know not a good financial decision, since the other car was paid off, but I couldn’t stomach the though of driving over 2 hours every day in a car that annoyed me, and receiving such poor gas mileage in the process.

Ty loves the new Bug and constantly asking to go “VROOOM VROOOM” and gets terrible upset when we drive the other vehicle. I am glad he loves it as much I do.

I think it would make my mom happy to see me in it. And everyone I have talked to about it says “oh, you so look like a bug.” It feels good, but bitter-sweet since I’m afraid to tell my father for fear of what judgemental and cruel statements he might make. At 25 I shouldn’t be afraid of that. But there are other issues at hand with him, which might make for a good read, but probably ultimately I shouldn’t be airing online. Depending on how annoyed I get with the current state of our relationship, I may throw that idea out the window soon enough however.

Purchasing a new how is exciting, overwhelming, and bittersweet. Everyone I know and love is here. I’ll be at least an hour away from all my family and friends, but the time I would loose from Mark and Ty, and cost associated with the drive are justification in and of themselves of the move. I’m so glad it’s a buyers market. I am looking at homes that I never thought in my wildest dreams I would be able to afford and the mortgage payments would be half of what it would cost to rent some crappy apartment. Pre-Approved for the loan, looking actively online, someone coming Sunday to look at our house, and going Monday with a real estate agent to start looking at homes. It’s all moving so fast.

Life is good. God is smiling on me and everything is falling into line. I’m so excited about the next steps in this journey and thrilled to share it with you all.

Thank you for your support with my new job, and every nerdy nurse related. You have no idea how uplifting and enlightening this blog and social media have been for me over the last year. I appreciate every interaction and commutation that have resulted from and it and I know that it’s one of the reasons I landed my new job.

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