The Nerdy Nurse Makes a Move: From Blogger to WordPress

I started blogging because I needed to vent. You know, the whole rant part of my little slogan up there. Yea, I worked with some particularly nasty nurses and was the victim of a horrible phenomena that happens often, Lateral violence (how nurses eat their young), and I felt alone in my battle. I needed to stand my ground, but voices my opinions of the frustration I felt. As I continued, I realized that there were many others who needed to vent too and had unfortunately had similar experiences to mine and thus the beauty of community of blogging was revealed to me.

As I have mentioned before, blogging has brought me fantastic opportunities that it has presented to me, including becoming a contributing editor at, future writing oppertunities at other nursing blogs, and even increased confidence in my job as a nurse. In fact, the knowledge I have gained about social media, marketing, blogging, and HIPAA and the impact it can make will likely be what I focus my community health nursing BSN project on.

I was hesitant to make the move because I knew their would be hurdles to leap. However, I also knew that wordpress would allow me the tools I needed to more easily grow and expand my blog, as well as potentially help me to improve my reach as a writer. Me? A writer? Who’da thunk it? Certainly not me… I’m a talker. But apparently if I take the time to sit down and actually let me fingers do the work that my tongue would usually be doing, I can come off as mildly entertaining. :)

I did the transfer myself, with the help of my fabulous googling ability and some very helpful websites… which I wish I had take the time to save! But I figured I’d be able to google them again if needed.

Some folks I do want to mention, as they were a huge help:


FatCow –  They are who I choose for my host and who I transfered my domain name to. They were a huge help and were very nice to me even when I nearly pulled my hair out because my blog appeared to be only halfway working (which FYI, was totally MY fault). They are also a GREAT deal because you get unlimited bandwidth and storage and a domain name too! Since I had already bought mine, they tacked on an extra year! Woot!

Nanny Goat in Panties

Nanny Goats in Panties – Hilarious writing and some great blogging resources. Specifically there is a FANTASTIC article about how to switch from Blogger to Wordpress – including how/why I found the article to begin with: How to maintain blogger permalinks!

That Tech Chick

That Tech Chick – This lady gave me the little  extra boost of confidence and needed words of wisdom to make the initial switch. So thank you Jessica for that little conversation at CES that pushed me over the blogger to wordpress edge.  – If I weren’t such a huge glutton for internet punishment, I would have totally had you make the change for me. And seriously, if you want to make the switch, and want to end the process with as much hair on your head as you have now, she will move your blog for you! So yea, you should totally check her out! She has been some inspiration proof that you can become a blogger full time!

I also utlized a trick to make sure all my readers were forwarded on over to my domain thanks to Digital Inispiration and the Migrate your Blog from Blogger to WordPress post! So thank you to Amit Agarwal for helping this nerdy nurse!

I’m still a newby on wordpress, and I can’t say that I love it yet, but I do love the potential I have for growth the the multitude of ready-made plugins and customization options. And @Jess_benton tells me that my organic search hits will skyrocket with wordpress if I do it right. So I’m holding you to Jessica! lol.

At any rate, I’m sure I can’t be of much help, but I am another blogger who made the transition and would love to hear from those of you out there in the blogosphere your opinions of blogger verses wordpress especially if you’ve made the transition yourself! Oh and what are your  “cannot live without” plugins.

Disclosure: The FatCow link included in this posting is an affiliate link.


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      thanks! I will say it was not for the faint of heart as it did take some finagling to get things to work properly.
      But I’m a bit of a finagler.
      Thanks so much for the push! Enjoying the new features of wordpress!


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