Don’t Laugh. What does EPIC PWND mean?

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This was the response I received when I sent this picture to some friends of mine this morning.

It’s a legitimate question, really. I often forget that not everyone in the world is caught up in the same nerdy obsessions I have. So, I wrote her a 4 paragraph response detailing the how, why, and when to use the terms.  Its contents are as follows:

Dear Non-Nerdy, Nurse Friend,

Aww! That is why I love you! You are so not a nerd!

Ok so in video games when you beat someone, or even in actually real life
sweaty sports, people often say things like "Man, I owned you"… as in
beat, annihilated, defeated… ext.

You see, on the computer keyboard p and o are right next to each other.
There is debate as the whether the term because popular because of a
misspelling of a videogame designer, or a popular player, but it was year
ago on a computer game, someone beat something and made a typo.  Because they were being an ass, saying they ‘owned’ someone, but actually put ‘pwned’ or ‘pwnd’ as it stands, the grammar police jumped on the scene and started cracking back on him. And thus, pwnd shall forever be a part of internet lingo and gamer speak!

The word epic is in relation to gaming a s well. "epic" is used to describe
extremes, either good or bad, in games. For example, an epic weapon is a
really good hard to find weapon, an epic boss is a rare, difficult, long big
bad guy. essentially Epic means big, huge, major, total, a big deal.
In this particular incidence of the word, Epic means "major" and Pwnd means
"break", and thus "EPIC PWND". The phrase is also used quite often on the
internet on pictures if bad things happening. Can also be used synonymously
with "Fail" or "Epic Fail", if the event is a major tragedy.

Ty totally won the battle with my glasses, but "EPIC PWND" seems so much more appropriate, don’t you think?

So next time you are playing a video game, and you win, say "man I so just pwnd you!" and you will totally impress your nerdy/geeky/gamer friends!
once again. I adore you for this!


-The Nerdy Nurse

I am awaiting her response, but I’m sure she will be entertained. Its nice to have friend that have totally different lives than yours. It keeps me level, less obsessed with my obsessions and makes me realize just how odd I am, and how odd everyone else is as well.

Long live the Nerdy… and the Non-Nerdy! Together we shall prosper!

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The Nerdy Nurse
The Nerdy Nurse

Well thank you.

Of course when I become a hugely famous nurse technology advocate I'll probably do more one word answers I'm sure! ;)

Drake Sigar
Drake Sigar

A simple "yes" would have sufficed. XD

I'll admit you certainly show an attention to detail. It's a refreshing change from the lazy responses one tends to run into around blogspot.

The Nerdy Nurse
The Nerdy Nurse

Not really thinking about it so much as I tend to answer most questions people ask me with far more information that requested or required. Often I may know a thing about the subject matter, but research the topic and make informed decisions and opinions thusly.
I like to give people the big picture. If the thought enough of me to ask then I owe it to them to give them best answer I can. Now that is with a direct question mind you. Of course, Google aids in the process quite substantially. At some point in the near future I'll write about my husband, Google, and I. Should be interesting to some, my coworkers find the story quite entertaining.
I tend to be very wordy, and when someone has interest in what I have to say, I take the opportunity and run with it. Exactly like I have done right now.
But at least I'm not using the 'I don't have anything to say' replies such as "lol".
You got a few paragraphs!

Drake Sigar
Drake Sigar

You've really been thinking a lot about this, haven't you? :P