My Toddler cleans the house

In the spirit of continuing child labor another generation, my son is cleaning the house at the ripe old age of one.

Ok, I’m kidding, but only slightly.

My son likes to ride on the roomba. We like the roomba to run. Everybody wins.

For a very long time Ty was terrified of the thing. It is finally nice that it can run while he is in the room, however now he just wants to play with it. Its terribly cute to watch, and we get clean floors in the process. I know it won’t be too long before hell not fit his sweet little cheeks on top of it, and I am savoring every cute moment of it.

Does your toddler help clean the house? No? My toddler is so much cooler than yours!


    • says

      I miss when he would actually ride on it. Now the little butthead tries to surf on the darn thing, falls off and goes around the house saying “I got a boo-boo”, which would be video gold, but every time I get out the camera he  says “NO!”

      He refuses to have his photo taken these days!

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