iPhone OS4 leaves something to be desired

The new os4 for iPhone can be summed up in one word: buggy.

While I am excite about all the new features, including folders, the insanely better camera functionality, and the capability of using a bluetooth keyboard, I am upset at the lag I am experience in my once lightening fast device. I must say I have been spoiled. It seemed that iPhone was the only electronic item I had ever owned that worked so efficiently. Literally everything I could think of that I wanted it to do “there’s an app for that”. But alas, with the introduction of the new operating system, I fear the glorious haze of functionality and effortlessness are gone.

I suppose it is the way of like with technology: 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

I am so impressed by what this new OS does, I just really wish they would not have released it being so buggy and laggy. My apps are crashing constantly. It is taking forever to load webpages and the internet. And the icing on the cake; Titan Wars has not worked for  a week! I am addicted to this ridiculous excuse for a role playing game, yet I cannot log in and progress my characters at all. I think this may be what is bothering me the most, and unfortunately that is very sad.

However, I can say that the new camera enhancements have defiantly made for a much better user experience. I was able to capture these gems at the flea market today.

So unfortunately iPhone, I must admit I am disappointed with you at the moment. Please do your best to reclaim your rightful place in my heart… its awfully lonely without your warm and efficient glow.


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