Friends with babies are fun

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It has been a while since I’ve had friends over that want to stay all day and just hang out… like years. I think actually I was probably still in high school and it was a sleep over or something. I’m 24 now, so yea, that’s been a little while.
Since I’m an adult, and all, now, I suppose those things aren’t supposed to be as common anymore. However, I have been reacquainted with a friend I had in high school. She has a little boy a month older than Ty and he is walking. We are so jealous of Wyatt walking! Ty loves to play with him, and just smiles and laughs as soon as they walk in. There has really only been one real problem with them. Ty knocks him down. Since Wyatt can walk, and Ty has mastered the cruise (but refuses to actually attempt to walk on his own, and screams at the top of his lungs when we attempt to teach him to, sometimes) he thinks he can just hold onto his friend to stand, like he holds onto mommy and daddy. Wyatt gets so upset when Ty does this to him, and instantly runs to mommy and daddy. I don’t blame the kid. It would really upset me too.
My friend said it just scares Wyatt, but I know how Wyatt must feel. Its like if you are swimming, and you have a friend who doesn’t know how. If for some reason they loose their float, or get scared, and they grab onto you, you are then forced to attempt to keep yourself and them afloat. Its a pretty difficult task and most often times you’ll both go under. It sucks. It makes you mad and you’re like “Why don’t you just learn to swim?” That has to be what is going through Wyatt’s mind… except of course, walk being the desired goal.
We really have to make Ty more self reliant. He has to be at arms length from someone constantly, and at least once every 5-10 minutes needs to be held for a minute or two. Wyatt, however, is content to play with toys and with Ty, and only when sleeping/hungry, or when my kid knocks him over, does he need to be held. I am so jelous of this, but I know we have done it to ourselves. But I mean really, could you deny this gorgeous thing anything at all?

No? I didn’t think so… 
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Lois of
Lois of

Hi again....
This is is sooo funny to me (I hope ur not offended=) THEN REASON is b/c we had the SAME situation with our 4th kid. His best friend was walking way before him... My son would sit there and look at him and crawl this way and that to try and keep was a hoot to watch.

His lil friend enjoyed this advantage for about a year b/c by the time my kid could walk, his buddy was running=)then climbing first, etc...
He'd take a toy and run! We'd tell our son something like, "You're ok" as he was crying. my son has "caught up" Ironically he's taller too... BUT he's not as fast as his buddy who runs like lightning now.

Ok I had fun but I gotta go=) Take care